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Located in the Fruitvale neighborhood of Oakland, CA, Community Check Cashing provides most of the same services as other check cashers and lenders, but at MUCH lower prices!

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We Proudly Feature:

Great prices for cashed checks! (for example: just $5 for $400 check!)

Payday loans up to $300 at half or less of the standard rates! (financial coaching optional)

Personal installment loans up to $5,000 at very low rates (financial coaching required)

Our mission is to help under-served communities obtain affordable financial services, build financial knowledge, and improve their financial lives.

We believe that fair access to capital and appropriate financial services are key ingredients in breaking cycle of poverty, and we proudly offer financial education to any of our clients who would like it.

We can offer such low rates because CCC is a program of a nonprofit organization.

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