About CCC 

CCC is a nonprofit program, created with the goal of helping people in underserved community to obtain affordable financial services, as well as personal assistance to help them improve their financial position and knowledge of financial issues. We believe that access to fair financial services and access to capital are critical elements for poverty reduction in communities nationwide.

Until its closing in 2023, CCC offered below-market priced financial services and products, financial coaching and small business assistance. We worked with banks and credit unions to refer customers when they want to create an account or obtain a loan. We responded to the local needs in the neighborhood and develop new programs as we understand the need for them.

Our Mission

Community Check Cashing (CCC) was a program of Community Development Finance (CDF). CDF is a 501c3 nonprofit organization located in California. Our mission is to assist low-income and very low-income households, communities and businesses with increased access to capital and financial literacy by offering below-market rate financial services and products to the low-income, underserved and unbanked people in the neighborhood. It also is our mission to create new partnerships and assist other institutions in increasing access to capital in these neighborhoods.

Community Development Finance opened what we believe to be the first and only nonprofit, full-service, stand-alone check cashing store in the country in May 2009 in the Fruitvale neighborhood of Oakland, California. CDF offers below-market rates, prices and fees and a broad range of targeted financial services designed to help low-income families move out of poverty, including financial coaching and small business services.

CDF tried to operate the store on a social enterprise model: a nonprofit check cashing institution in which the check cashing services component of the operations are financially sustainable through earned revenue while using donations and grants to support the coaching, social services and administration. Get to know our more about our team!

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