How do loans work at Community Check Cashing?

Remember: CCC/CDF makes loans only in California!

  1. Make sure you really need a loan — talk to our team at (510) 479-1037!

  2. Decide whether you need a payday loan (short term, up to $300, online application available here), or a consumer installment loan (long term, $500-$5,000, online application available here).

  3. Submit your completed loan application in English or Spanish, including the 2 most recent pay stubs and 3 most recent bank statements.

  4. Our underwriting team will review your application, and contact you with our decision, or request further information.

  5. If your loan is approved, your contract will be emailed to you, ready for signature directly from our website.

  6. Once you sign, a PDF containing all finalized loan contract details will be emailed to you, including your disbursement and repayment dates.

  7. Repay your loan on schedule by authorizing regular monthly ACH debits!

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